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By supporting Avon Valley today you are investing in a unique and sustainable future in our floral communities.

Local business like YOU and AVON VALLEY are the largest employers nationally and provide the most new jobs to residents.  Independent businesses are the largest contributors to LOCAL charities. Non-profit organizations receive an average of 250% more support from local suppliers than they do from non-locally owned businesses.

When you shop local, three times the revenue remains in your community, supporting parks, schools, and more!

Buying local reduces the use of fossil fuels and helps to protect the environment from harmful exhaust fumes. When you buy local, many products will not have traveled hundreds or even thousands of miles so you know you are receiving the freshest possible flowers.

Local businesses often hire people who have a better understanding of the products they’re selling and take more time to get to know their customers.

There are many benefits of buying local in addition to supporting your local economy. Getting to know the company that grows your flowers builds relationships based on understanding and trust, which is the foundation of a strong community.


Avon Valley Floral’s Environmental Initiatives Production

Avon Valley Floral uses a number of procedures to help protect our environment.

By Installing and using thermal curtains at night and during the winter months we significantly reduce our fuel consumption.

We disinfect and reuse old pots to divert them from the landfill.

We have reduced fertilizer usage and potential run-off by switching to low volume irrigation emitters and closed loop irrigation systems.

Avon Valley uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy that includes crop scouting using sticky traps and biological controls (using “good” insects to control the “bad” insects).

Stay tuned for additional environmentally friendly products and procedures. We are always looking for new concepts to keep up with today’s trend of  “going green” so we can support our industry in helping to preserve our earth.

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